CrossFit Elements

At Top Fuel CrossFit we offer beginners classes called CrossFit Elements. These classes are perfect to get you started into the CrossFit program. In Elements class, we teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit to ensure that as you move forward with the program you have the basic understanding of functional movements that are being executed in the safe and correct way.

How many days a week is CrossFit Elements?

The program beings you at 3 days a week for a two week period.  Once members have mastered the Elements class, you are integrated into the regular CrossFit Class.

Does this mean that I will be lifting heavy weights and competing at the level others are?

Moving into the regular CrossFit class from elements, we still tailor the workouts to the skill level that you are able to work at.  This is a consistent part of the CrossFit program.  We want everyone to feel comfortable with what they are doing and only want people to do more within their ability level as they feel ready.  In every class that you attend, you will see a variety of skill levels, weight lifting abilities and athletic abilities.  This is why CrossFit is a great program for everyone.  Everyone can participate!

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