Daniella & Dustin Shurlow


CrossFit first became a part of our lives in March of 2013. Several employees, including us, came to Top Fuel from a
local gym to experience a teaser class. Not only did we find the class gratifying, but entertaining as well. With constantly changing workouts, and the push to become better athletes, CrossFit grabbed our full attention. Fast-forward to today and the same excitement for the sport is still prevalent. Moving into owner and coaching roles has given us the opportunity to share the love of the sport with others. The ability level of each person that walks through the door is different, but the coaches have developed a program that allows each individual a chance at success. Personal achievements, no matter how small, are celebrated and recognized by those around you. From successfully completing a pull-up to squatting 400lbs, you can look around and watch as people change their lives. 

Aside from the gym, my wife, Daniella, is a dental hygienist, and I am a Special Education Teacher here in Crown Point. Differentiating lessons to accommodate all levels of learning and abilities has translated well into coaching. It has given me an understanding that not all people are equipped with the skills to complete workouts the way they are written. Any impediments, whether mental or physical, may determine what you can do in the gym. However; the spirits of the coaching staff see these barriers as the building blocks of each individual’s future success story. Start small, soak in constructive criticism, work towards your goals, and leave each day knowing your life is changing.

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