Dan Kelley


From signing up for my first Muscle Mag in 3rd grade, putting a bench in my bedroom in middle school, training with the boys at Gold’s Gym in high school and college, and on to Spartan Race’s, triathlons, 5 and 10K’s the last few years. Being active and having fun has always been a priority.
A friend talked me into trying CrossFit in the spring of ’14. And well… I’m still doing!! I like and believe in it enough to become a L1 Coach in Dec ’15.
I’ve enjoyed helping others be a better version of themselves my whole life. Seeing the positive impact we have on the people in our gym, the knowledge gained and shared, and watching people do their first handstands and pull-ups in their late 40’s is an amazing feeling!
My goals are to one day tackle an Ironman, ride my bike across the country, and to help you get your first Muscle-Up.

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